FAQs About Home Inspection Warranties

The Elite Home Inspection Warranty covers anything that was inspected including structural, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems, as well as appliances, roofing, exteriors, interiors, and potential pest infestations. It also addresses mold and roof leak environmental hazards and material defects, with coverage varying based on the provider and inspection type. Review terms and conditions

90 days from closing or 120 days from the date of the inspection whichever occurs first

The program covers the standard major appliances that were inspected and found to be free of defects without limitation to age.

You can log into and either add the information one at a time or upload a CSV file of inspections. Inspections must be submitted within 7 days of the inspection date to be eligible.

No. We do not share client data with any third party in this program. We have opted not to partner with the scheduling programs currently available to ensure the security of the data.

No, there are no deductibles or service fees.

Yes, the program will reimburse homeowners for eligible covered repair expenses. Homeowners will submit several estimates for repairs required. The program reserves the right to get their own estimates.

No, the homeowner will deal directly with the program for all claim issues.

Yes. And you can personalize the program form with your business information.

Yes, we have sample emails for consumer inquiries, we have sample social posts, an Agent Office Talk, an Agent one-page flyer, program logos, and the warranty form that can be personalized.

The main differentiator of Elite’s inspection warranty program is that we do not sell or use your client’s personal information and data. We also offer more coverage with higher claims payouts than other warranty programs and claims are handled by a team of professionals with over 25 years experience supporting home inspectors.

There are several differentiators between the IIW and the RWS offering. First is what is included. The Elite program is more inclusive with no limitations on appliance ages, and includes mold remediation and roof leakage repairs. The warranty period is 90 days from closing or 120 days from inspection versus 90 days from inspection or 22 days from closing. The Elite Inspection Warranty pays up to $2250 on mechanical, structural claims, and mold remediation versus $500 on mechanical claims.