Elevate confidence in your inspections by including the InterNACHI Inspection Warranty, a powerful assurance for both your clients and the professionals who advocate for them. This warranty signifies that your inspection goes beyond the ordinary, offering added protection for unforeseen issues crucial in the initial months of homeownership. No one wants to grapple with unexpected problems right after closing, and with the InterNACHI Inspection Warranty, you ensure peace of mind. In the event of issues with eligible items post-closing, your customers are covered, real estate agents are pleased, and you emerge as the hero.


Boost customer confidence by offering a warranty. Offering the InterNACHI Inspection Warranty instills confidence in your customers, reassuring them that unexpected repairs within the warranty term will be reimbursed. This added protection becomes a decisive factor for homebuyers, providing them with a safety net and peace of mind during the home-buying process.


Create loyal clients by offering them piece of mind. Customer loyalty is pivotal for business growth. By delivering a comprehensive service that includes the InterNACHI Inspection Warranty, you increase the likelihood of customer retention and encourage word-of-mouth referrals. Satisfied customers become advocates, recommending your business to friends, family, and colleagues.


Build Positive Community Relationships by increasing your legitimacy and garnering a solid reputation. The InterNACHI Inspection Warranty not only benefits customers but also enhances the reputation of the real estate agents who recommend your services. Real estate professionals appreciate the additional layer of protection you offer to their clients, establishing you as an expert in the field. This trust leads to repeat business and potential exposure through their networks, contributing to positive community relationships.


Reduce your, and your customer’s exposure. Offering the InterNACHI Inspection Warranty helps manage expectations regarding post-closing responsibilities. It reinforces that a home inspection is limited in scope and is designed to capture the home’s condition at the time of inspection. The warranty proactively addresses the process for addressing issues post-closing issues that may arise preventing issues from escalating into claims.


Not all Warranties are created equal. InterNACHI Inspection Warranties offer exclusive advantages for guaranteeing your work. Click on the highlights below for more details

90 DAY

Plan term is 90 days from closing or 120 days from inspection. This is specially geared to be flexible and allow more time for clients to get comfortable with their home.

No Age Limit

There will be no age limit on the appliances covered under the warranty. If a new homeowner finds an appliance is not working, after you have inspected, and reported in the required time constraints it will be covered regardless of age.


Eligible mechanical and structural repairs are reimbursed up to $2250.00. Give yourself some piece of mind knowing that your work is covered should you have a bad day and make a small error.

Rainy Day

Qualifying roof leakage repairs and mold remediation expenses in excess of $250 are reimbursed up to $1500 per property.


Claim Coverage Details

  • Seamless online claim submission available 24 hours
  • Dedicated, experienced staff to resolve claims quickly
  • Never mine your data or exploit your client’s contact information

If you are a homeowner or inspector needing to submit a claim


Click the button for a list of frequently asked questions.

90 days from closing or 120 days from the date of the inspection

The Pro and Master Plans cover major appliances inspected and found to be free of defects without limitation to age. The basic plan covers major appliances inspected and found to be free of defects up to 10 or 12 years old depending on the appliance.

You can log into and either add the information one at a time or upload a csv file of inspections. Inspections must be submitted within 7 days of the inspection date to be eligible.

No. We do not share client data with any third party in this program. We have opted not to partner currently with the scheduling programs currently available to ensure the security of the data.

No there are no deductibles or service fees. For roof leak or mold reimbursements, the consumer is responsible for the first $250 of repair expenses incurred. The program reimburses them for the balance up to $3000.

Yes, the program will reimburse homeowners for eligible covered repair expenses. Homeowners will submit several estimates for repairs required. The program reserves the right to get their own estimates.

No, the homeowner will deal directly with the program for all claim issues.

Yes. And you can personalize the program form with your business information.

Yes we have sample emails for consumer inquiries, we have sample social posts, an Agent Office Talk, Agent one page flyer, program logos and the warranty form that can be personalized.

There are several differentiators between the InterNACHI Warranty Plans and the RWS offering. First is what is included. The InterNachi Pro and Master Plan is more inclusive with no limitations on appliance ages, and includes mold remediation and roof leakage repairs. The warranty period is 90 days from closing or 120 days from inspection versus 90 days from inspection or 22 days from closing. The InterNACHI Inspection Warranty has a maximum payout of $3000 for the Pro Plan and $10,000 for the Master Plan where the RWS plan pays up to $500 for most claims. Even the InterNACHI Basic Plan offers advantages such as no deductibles, easy claims process, and a longer term.


* Pricing only available for PRO coverages if you meet the criteria in the box.
** Coverage only available to be purchased if you are an InterNACHI Member who is a Certified Master Inspector and insured by Elite MGA

How To Use Warranties To Grow Your Business

Having your inspection guaranteed with an InterNACHI Inspection Warranty gives you a leg-up on all your competition. We can help you promote this advantage to your customers

The program comes with access to a complete array of promotional tools including:

  • Plan details form – available for personalization
  • Program Overview PowerPoint presentation for Office Talks, Agent, or Lender meetings
  • Program logos for use on websites and other materials
  • Talking points for use with potential customers
  • Email communication announcing the launch of the program for your business
  • Social post announcement to be used when launching program in your market


The InterNACHI Inspection Program (powered by Elite MGA) has been serving the inspector community for over 15 years providing insurance and risk management for inspectors across the country. Elite MGA is one of the only providers of its own insurance captive (company) just for home inspectors. Elite MGA is staffed with its own attorneys and risk managers constantly providing inspectors tools to keep them out of claims. InterNACHI Inspection Program is now providing you with a warranty of your work so that you and your clients can feel good when doing business together.

Internachi Inspection Warranty

Kathleen Kuhn

National Program Advisor

For questions, please reach out to Kathleen Kuhn, National Program Advisor.